Office Home & Business 2013

Office Home & Business 2013

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  • Medialess Kit
  • 32 / 64-bit compatibility
  • License for 1PC
  • Compatible with Windows 7 or later

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Product Description

Office Home and Business is possibly the most popular software package of its kind, providing users with a seamless and smooth experience when creating documents, sending emails, or even delivering presentations.
Office Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote 2013 are all included in this excellent package, which will delight old users as well as new.
The features that many will have come to know and love have all been improved, while brand-new inclusions are also there to further your enjoyment and enhance productivity.
One of the most innovative features is the synchronisation with the company’s SkyDrive and SharePoint systems, which means all of your documents are not only backed up but are also easy to share with others.
Office Word has been revamped by an all-new sleek and clean design, as well as a Read Mode that enables easy viewing. Any objects that you place within your documents can now be zoomed in on, allowing you to view charts and images in greater detail, which in turn will help you to produce flawlessly-formatted documents.
Office’s email service, Office Outlook, has also been revamped. Peeks give you the chance to gain a quick view of your schedule or recipient’s contact details, while an improved search function means that you can find the information you need quickly and easily.
Deliver presentations with a whole new collection of themes to make your Powerpoint documents more colourful and imaginative than ever before.
It is once again possible to zoom in on diagrams and charts, while a navigation grid that only you can see enables you to discreetly switch between slides.
Charts are also a big part of Microsoft Excel, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the best graph for your data. But such a situation is now surely a thing of the past, thanks to the feature of Excel making an intelligent suggestion on what graph or chart will best match the data you have entered.
Office Home and Business 2013 Medialess

This Office suite contains Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote 2013. While the same features you know and love have been made even better, brand new features further enhance your enjoyment and productivity. With Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, your documents are automatically saved to SkyDrive or SharePoint so that you can send your colleagues a link to the file, ensuring everyone is working from the same version.

Office Word 2013
This new version of Word offers a more sleek and clean design, with a new Read Mode for easy viewing, Object Zoom for viewing tables, charts and images close up, and alignment guides to help you produce perfectly formatted documents.

Outlook® 2013
With the navigation panel, Peeks to provide a quick view of your schedule or recipient’s contact details, and an improved search function, you can get even more out of Outlook – proving it’s more than just an email client.

PowerPoint® 2013
The new PowerPoint® offers a collection of new themes with alternative colours to make your presentations even more creative. Zoom in to give a better view of diagrams and charts, and use the navigation grid that only you can see, to discreetly switch between slides.

Excel® 2013
Visualise your data in new ways with Microsoft® Excel® 2013. Pick the best charts and graphs that Excel® suggests for your information, easily change titles and layouts of your tables, and apply formatting with a single click.

OneNote® 2013
Embed images, videos and documents in your OneNote files, with Excel previews updating automatically as you make changes to your spreadsheet. Tables in OneNote® can be converted into Excel® spreadsheets, and handwriting can be converted into text.